RetiCAM Floating Wrist Strap

RetiCAM® Floating Wrist Strap WS-10

Premium Float for Underwater Devices:

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RetiCAM WS-10 Floating Wrist Strap is a perfect accessory for any GoPro camera and most underwater, compact digital cameras and camcorders. It's high buoyancy design can float a waterproof device for up to 8 oz. Made of highest-quality neoprene - the same material used in wet suits - it is comfortable to wear and quick to dry. Compatible with many brands and models from Go-Pro/Nikon/Canon/Panasonic/Fujifilm/Olympus/Sony etc.

RetiCAM Floating Wrist Strap WS-10

RetiCAM Floating Wrist Strap WS-10

Professional Quality

Vibrant color makes the strap highly visible in any body of water. Strong lanyard holds the camera securely during water activities. Extra long cord allows taking photos with the camera securely attached to the floater, and it can be detached in an instant thanks to the quick connect buckle. An adjustable cord lock plus a convenient snap button ensure a perfect fit for all wrist sizes.

An essential accessory for your underwater cameras, binoculars, keys or anything else you wish to keep afloat:

RetiCAM Floating Wrist Strap WS-10


Floating Strap Main Applications:

GoPro Hero 4
Action Cameras
Nikon waterproof camera
Underwater Cameras
Waterproof iPhone Case
Waterproof Cases