RetiCAM Hot Shoe Adapter

RetiCAM® Hot Shoe Adapter

Aluminum hot/cold shoe adapter that allows mounting accessories to camera flash:

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Product Details

Professional Quality

RetiCAM Hot Shoe Adapter is machined from solid aluminum, making it light-weight yet very strong. The screw shaft has two sections: A thicker 3/8"-16 portion for secure mounting to your camera's flash shoe, and a standard 1/4"-20 tripod for your equipment to be mounted.

RetiCAM Grip

RetiCAM Hot Shoe Adapter


Universal: Works with most consumer cameras and can mount any device equipped with a standard tripod socket.

Easy to Carry: Small size and light weight making it easy to carry in any camera bag.

Built to Last: Quality material and excellent workmanship mean years of use.


Whether you're attaching a smart phone, an LED video light or a microphone, you can be rest assured that it will stay there throughout your project.

RetiCAM Hot Shoe Adapter

Hot Shoe Adaptor Main Applications:

Canon 5D Camera
Cameras and Camcorders
RetiCAM Mount
Spotting Scope
LED Lights