RetiCAM Selfie Stick MP55

RetiCAM® Selfie Stick MP-55

All-metal monopod for self portrait, group or above-crowd photos/videos:

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Product Details

Professional Quality

Just because a selfie stick isn't designed for a DSLR doesn't mean it has to be built like a toy. Our MP-55 self portrait pole matches professional monopods in every detail. From aluminum tubing to quick flip locks, from the all-metal ball head to the heavy duty carrying strap, you know right away that it is a quality product you can trust with your expensive equipment.

RetiCAM Selfie Stick MP55

RetiCAM Selfie Stick MP55


Best-in-Class Extension Range: While most selfie sticks on the marks are in the 40" range, our MP-55 pole can extend to 55" long, perfect for a large group photo or to record hard-to-reach places.

Easy to Carry: Light weight with built-in carrying strap makes it easy to carry around.

Built to Last: Quality material and excellent workmanship mean years of use at home, at parties or during vacation trips.

Meant to be together...pair the MP-55 selfie stick with our highly-rated smartphone tripod mount for a perfect system to take self portraits, group photos or whenever you wish you had a longer arm:

RetiCAM Selfie Stick MP55

MP-55 Selfie Stick Main Applications:

Canon Point and Shoot Camera
Cameras and Camcorders
GoPro Hero 4
Action Cameras
RetiCAM Mount
Smartphones and Tablets